Sunday, October 7, 2018

Advanced pussycat

My father in law was out of town and it was my job to go to his house and feed the cat. Lonesome cats need some personal attention so I figured I would hang around a while to give her some company.
The bed in my father in law's house is a fancy king size with smooth steel bars at the foot of the mattress and nice wooden posts at the head. This is such a great opportunity, I decided I can tie myself up for a while and keep the kitty company at the same time.

I took my clothes off. Using some soft flat nylon rope, I tied my feet to the bars at the foot of the mattress. Then tied rope to each wrist. I could almost reach the corner posts at the head; but not quite. I threw the rope over the posts so my arms were now stretched out to the corners. It was loose enough to be comfortable and I knew that with enough struggle I could eventually work the rope off the posts again. If that failed, my cell phone was in reach of one of my hands. Having to call for help would be embarrassing, but always good to have as a safety plan.
I relaxed and enjoyed the somewhat exciting feeling of being tied up in a new place and at least mostly helpless for a while.
Suddenly, shockingly, the bed started whirring and moving. The bed is motorized and the head was moving up, putting me in a nearly sitting position; moving me farther from the corner posts and stretching my arms wider and tighter. I was confused and amused and excited and certainly surprised. Finally I realized that the kitty, curious about what I was up to, was walking on the remote control buttons for the bed.
As the mattress head moved higher, my cell phone slid out of reach just as my arms got far less freedom to move. Then the bed started raising my knees, restricting movement even more. I was now stretched quite tightly, but still comfortable. Then the massage vibrators came on. This cat thought of everything.
So here I am, naked, spread helplessly tight over the bed, vibrators moving up and down my body, no way out and no way to call anyone. I am bemused, excited, a little scared. The reason I wasn't panicked is because my wife knew where I was and would eventually come looking for me; but how long would that be?
I was just settling in for what was likely to be a long wait and an embarrassing outcome; then suddenly the pussycat stepped on the right button and the bed returned down to its normal position.  The kitty's job was done and she left the room, leaving me to work my escape as originally planned.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Massage and erections

I have been getting massages every week for over 10 years now. That is about 500 massages. For the first 200 or so I was constantly on guard to make sure I didn't get an erection. A few times I got one anyway and I was mortified. Perhaps more accurately, I was somewhat embarrassed and worried what the massage therapist might think.

Lately, I have mostly stopped worrying about it. If it happens, so what?!
Some therapists don't like it. Some don't mind. All of them never mention it. My body does what it is programmed to do. That is how we are built.

List of conditions is getting longer

 Manifesting is tricky. You usually get what you ask for but it is often not what you thought it would be. To manifest a good experience, it helps to more carefully define what you want.

I want to have some fun and meaningful experiences being tied up by other people. To keep it fun and uplifting requires a number of conditions, some physical and some relational. As I get older, the list of ideal physical conditions gets longer and more detailed. Relational conditions get better defined, but really apply at any age.

All these conditions means that the captor has a lot of health and safety responsibility, but that is how we keep it fun and uplifting.


I should know that my captor will not do any real harm and has my best interests at heart.
Captor should not be an employee or any other relationship that involves one of us having financial or social power over the other.
Captor wants to do this, is playfully creative and somewhat unpredictable.
All parties understand safety and how and when to back off or quit.


The ideal timing is when I am healthy and physically feeling well.
Time frame: Measured in hours, not minutes or days.
Temperature:  75 degrees or higher works best for long term exposure.
Food: Empty stomach is best
Bladder: Mostly empty. Well hydrated body but not saturated.
Colon: Not totally full or freshly empty. (freshly empty can pre-dispose me to cramps)

 For short time frames measured in minutes, any position or binding method will work. For longer term, muscles, tendons joints, circulation and temperature all need to be considered.

Circulation:   Cuffs, chains and straps do a great job without having to be tight. Ropes and scarves eventually reduce circulation. For long periods, horizontal works best. Any body part that is highly above or below the heart tends to get poor circulation.

Captor can do all the binding, or I can partake in the binding to help assure comfort and safety.

Third pary

Some day, before I am too old to enjoy it, my wife is going to muster up the courage to get another person involved in tying me up. I love her too much to feel right about letting someone get too personal with me without her blessing.

This makes me consider why. What am I looking for?
Being tied up and under someone else's total control is a release of responsibility. It involves the risk of being exposed, physically, mentally and spiritually. As long as I believe my captor will not harm me and has my best interests at heart, it can be a very good thing.  It creates a new kind of freedom and brings a spiritual recharge.
I want my captor to tease me, to strip my defenses, to break silly taboos, to make me do or feel things that I would not do otherwise. This can be mental or physical.

There is a certain intimacy in not being able to hide the truth. While captive, I am in total truth mode. Penetrating questions must be answered honestly. The captor doesn't have to accept any less. That extends to the physical. Men usually hide embarrassing erections. When captive, there is no controlling when they happen, and no way to hide.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Good one!

My urge to be tied has its ups and downs. This summer it may have been in a valley. Too busy. Not too much drive.

Last weekend my wife spent 2 days at home attending a teleconference. That means she got enough sleep for a change, and a little down time. It also means that I was getting bored near the end. So I decided it was a good time to tie myself up.

Without saying a word to her, I went into the basement bedroom, got naked, and rigged up some straps that bound my arms and legs stretched out toward the four corners of the king size bed. I quietly struggled to get free for over an hour as I counted down the time until the teleconference was over. That is when she was likely to get curious and come looking for me.

As the time drew nearer, I was marveling at my own reactions. My heart raced. Adrenalin pumped. I didn't know if she would be angry, or amused, or indifferent.

Just 15 minutes left. The time is coming closer. I am beginning to get uncomfortable. Suddenly I find a way to escape. I loosen my bonds, relax, and feel like maybe I have had my fix. Then contemplate going back upstairs as if nothing happened.

Something inside me is disappointed. Without thought, the feeling pushes me to quickly fix the flaw in the straps and get trapped. Now I am tighter, more motionless, totally inescapable. Disappointment is gone, adrenaline is back.

After ten minutes of being totally, inescapably trapped and exposed, I hear her coming down the stairs. Nothing I can do. Can't back out of this one. Will she be mad?

She discovers me. Looks me over and figures out that I really can't move or defend myself. Then she throws soccer balls at me. My catch reflex is useless. I have to just let them bounce off of whatever part of me they hit. Then she goes back upstairs. I marvel at my inner self because the prospect that she will likely ignore me and leave me helpless for a few hours gives me the biggest erection I have had all day.

A few minutes later she returns and announces that she is horny. She proceeds to take full advantage of my helplessness while making passionate love to me in several ways. She is insatiable and smokes out my overloaded nerves in more ways than I can stand. Then she cuddles up to sleep next to my still stretched out body.

THIS is what my life long fantasy was all about.
How do we top this (and when)?

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lots of info out there.

I was just doing some internet searches about "why do some people like to be tied up?" and I ran across a blog that is remarkably similar to this one.
It is short, but it adds a new dimension to the discussion.

Monday, April 19, 2010


During the last few months, the urge to be tied has been rare enough that I was actually starting to miss it. In a way, I was getting worried that maybe my sex drive was melting away, and what might that imply about my health? Last night was more like it.

Yesterday we had some very good sex. I used to strongly relate a need for sex with the urge to be tied. After sex, the urge fades, but this time there was no such urge to begin with. Only a few hours after sex, my mind was cloudy (due to news events) and I ended up with a feeling that to clear my head I should be chained stretched out on the bed. Interestingly, during sex there was relatively little underarm odor, but when I chained up, the familiar strong musk was back.

Around midnight I ran a chain under the mattress from head to foot of the bed. Then padlocked the chain to leather cuffs around my ankles. I finished by padlocking cuffs on my wrists to the chain at the head of the bed. The keys were left in their bag on the floor, well out of my reach.

I stayed chained until 8:00 am when I finally asked my wife to unlock me. She had slept next to me all night knowing that I was chained, but not realizing that she was my only means of escape.

It worked! My mind was much clearer. I had a good, well focused day.
It feels to me that when I am stretched out and can't easily get free, I am forced to stay stretched through minor discomforts. There is something about staying stretched and vulnerable for longer than is comfortable that is spiritual and cathartic.

A few new observations about what ingredients come together to create the urge to be chained up.
Enough sleep; often a nap.
Time that may be relatively uninterrupted.
Caffeine; Dark chocolate or green tea.
Spiritual input or guidance; Something magical and as yet undefined.
Sex: More specifically the need for it.
Not all of the above need to coincide, but each contributes.

Less interested in scarves or ropes that bind. More interested in cuffs that do not constrict any kind of fluid flow within hands and feet. This coincides with a preference for longer sessions, but less often.